Approaching those windows is like diving into that long infinite path of curiosity and those microworlds that alternate make me retrace in my memory the pleasure I felt when I was very young making railway models, small trains, houses, tunnels, scattered villages: looking at a territory in myriad as a a giant watching from above; the desire that grew, motionless in front of shop windows that exhibited an endless series of new elements to add to the landscape built slowly, one rail at a time, a group of houses, roads, carriages, miniature people waiting at the station.
When Maurizio (BuTe) proposed me to collaborate on this project, I felt that curious and lively spirit reborn again.
Each small "station" (as I like to define the various points to observe) enriched with sounds and videos that we have created is characterized by movement, thus feeling a little close to the cinema (which we love) and also to the theater (widely experienced).
We have spent months of work in the project, in the construction and in the refinement of the details but we do not say that it is finished because every time it surprises us and moves us new ideas forcing us in the future (maybe) to make it become a pentagon and so on ...