"Mosso" is a title from a little poem that I didn't put in the last performance
"Gocce" for reasons that I can't explain. And it stayed there, in a suitcase, waiting impatiently for its imminent and foreseen awakening.
This is not a turbulent marine story, nor a whirling musical movement. But rather numerous small theatrical pictures all animated by one simple character.
We see a salesman of an old motorcycle helmet, in three different appearances, a Frenchman, an American and a Russian, a boot and wild tomato tamer, the riconstruction of part of a film, a small, poor circus, a pianist, the conductor of a choir.
Short numbers created with simple objects, that are transformed, re-invented, played with and animated in a dimension that is almost exclusively clown-like.

(The italian version also includes 15 videos interspersed with theatrical vignettes.)

"Mosso" ag. 1. (agitato): mare _____, rough sea 2. (ondulato): capelli mossi, wavy hair
3. (musica) mosso.
"Gocce" Drops (as in water)

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